Perhaps I should just call it a golf blog.

I went to see my golf coach with my spare time on Saturday. It is a testament to the quality of this guy that driving 100 minutes to get there and then 100 minutes home again at the end of the session was totally worth it.

One of the attractions of dilettantism is getting new shiny stuff into your life on a regular basis. New skills are even nicer than new things for me and so getting some more advanced abilities for my golf game is more satisfying than a new piece of equipment. I felt like I was 10 feet tall for chunks of the session as I went from woeful to good in an aspect of my game that has been plaguing my scores. I’m still buzzing now to tell you the truth. Any readers in the Melbourne area looking for a golf coach should check out David Williams.

I ended up purchasing neither Wii nor PS3. There was finally an announcement of the Australian release date for Rock Band. The one game that would determine my ultimate console decision. It is finally coming in October. Around the same time Rock Band 2 will be released in the US. And the price gouging for this will require the Australian musical gamers to bend over and grit their teeth as they get reamed with neither reacharound nor lube. The total cost for Rock Band, 10 months after its’ original relase is $410


Dear MTV Games,


Love Bruce

I can buy an entire Wii for that price. On the current exchange rate, gamers in the US can purchase the same components for AU$180. Why the more than 100% price premium? It can’t possibly be shipping. Australia is region free so you shouldn’t have to recode anything. Why the fuck do you think you can get away with this exorbitant pricing regime?

And so the dream dies. What would have been a guaranteed, day-one sale has now turned into a disgruntled non-customer. One who will actively discourage anyone I know from buying your game at that price point. Who do you think you are? Apple?

So the list is now:
Glenelg Motor Inn
Something or someone (I can’t remember)
MTV Games.

3 Responses to “Perhaps I should just call it a golf blog.”

  1. Drew says:

    Still with the Taft Motor Inn issues? Time to move on, matey. There, there…

  2. Bruce says:

    I’ve said it before. My grudges are documented and archived.